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Flirty and casual responses to send your crush or loved ones
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You wake up, roll over, and grab your phone to find a message from your crush, “Good morning! How did you sleep?” You bolt upright in bed. You have to respond, but how? When someone asks, “How did you sleep?” they want to know how your evening was—they’re starting a conversation. So, what do you do if someone sends you this text first thing in the morning? Try sending them one of these friendly or flirty responses.


“I slept well! Thanks for asking!”

  1. Send a simple thankful message if you don’t want to chat. Keep your reply short and sweet to politely answer their question without implying too much. This is great for days when you don’t feel like having a text conversation or just aren’t in the mood to talk.
    • “I slept alright. Thanks so much for asking!”
    • “That’s kind of you to ask! I slept well.”
    • “Okay! It’s so nice of you to ask.”
    • “Alright. Thanks for reaching out!”
    • “Pretty good! I appreciate you asking.
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“Not so great…”

  1. Be honest with a trusted loved one if your night wasn’t good. Sometimes, it’s hard to sleep. If you feel comfortable, share your woes with them. Venting can be a great way to bond with friends, family, and crushes while starting a conversation.
    • “Not as well as I would’ve liked. I kept thinking about you!”
    • “Not so great. I went to bed with a headache.”
    • “Not great. I have a lot on my mind.”
    • “I slept okay. Wish I could’ve slept longer, though.”
    • “Fine. The neighbors were up all night again.”


“I dreamed about you.”

  1. Spice things up and tell your crush you saw them in your dreams. Is there a better compliment than dreaming about someone? We don’t think so! If you wake up to a text from your crush or significant other asking how your night was, let them know that they’re all that filled your dreams.[2]
    • “I had some naughty dreams about you.”
    • “Dreaming of you made it incredible.”
    • “I slept like a baby. I kept dreaming about you.”
    • “I don’t know about you, but I totally dreamed about you.”
    • “I was dreaming about our next date.”
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“Lonely without you next to me.”

  1. Express how much you miss them to show you care. If your night’s sleep wasn’t great because you weren’t with them, don’t be afraid to say so! This is an excellent way to tell a crush or significant other you care deeply about them.
    • “Okay, but all I wanted was you right here next to me.”
    • “Sad because I just wanted to snuggle you all night.”
    • “It was fine, but nothing compares to falling asleep in your arms.”
    • “Okay, but it took me ages to fall asleep without you by my side.
    • “Fine. I had a hard time getting comfortable. I miss you.”

“Good, but it would’ve been better with you by my side.”

  1. Toss in a playful flirt to grab their attention. Who says talking about your night has to be boring? Share how your night’s sleep was, and then throw in a compliment or flirty remark. This way, they’ll know they’re on your mind.[3]
    • “Okay, but being with you would’ve made it better.”
    • “Fine, but it was missing something…YOU!”
    • “I couldn’t stop thinking about you, so it took me longer to fall asleep.”
    • “I slept alright. Having you here would’ve made it amazing.”
    • “Pretty well. But I kept imagining you in bed with me.”
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“I had a few nightmares, but your text makes it better.”

  1. Let them know they ease your mind if you had a rough night. Not every night can be perfect, but waking up to a friendly text can turn your day right-side up. Try being honest with them about your difficult evening, then flip the script with a quick compliment.
    • “Could’ve been better, but your message just made my morning brighter.”
    • “It was a rough night, but seeing your name on my phone just made everything better.”
    • “Fine. I wish I could hear your voice right now.”
    • “I slept okay. Your text made me smile, though.”
    • “I wish I could say I slept. Maybe you can come over and show me how.”

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