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Get free clothes with Shein’s Free Trial program
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Shein’s Free Trial tester program allows you to sign up for a chance to receive new clothes and items and review them on their website. We've got everything you need to know about how to apply, how winners are chosen, how to earn free Shein points with your reviews, and how to avoid scams. Let's get into it!

Things You Should Know

  • To sign up for Shein’s Free Trial program, go to their Free Trial center. Click “Free Trial” on any item you’d like, pick the size, fill in your address, then hit “Submit.”
  • Winners are chosen through an automated system. If you’ve been picked, Shein will process your order and ship it to you for free.
  • Although being a Shein tester through their Free Trial program doesn’t make any money, you can keep the items they send you.
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What is Shein’s Free Trial Program?

  1. Shein’s Free Trial is a program to encourage customers to review products. Free Trial gives customers a chance to try out new clothing or items for free and post a detailed review of what they receive, including the quality, fit, size, style, fabric, and construction. You get to keep the item afterward, and customers get an honest review before they buy the same product.[1]
    • There’s no downside to Shein’s Free Trial program—although Shein doesn’t pay testers in cash, getting free items may be worth clicking the “Free Trial” button.
    • You can also become an “unofficial” tester by becoming an influencer and advertising your Shein purchases through Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube.
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How to Sign Up for Shein’s Free Trial Program

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    Create a valid Shein account. If you don’t already have a Shein account, you can register at their website. All active Shein accounts are eligible for the Shein free trial, but you must be 18 years or older to participate. You’re eligible to apply for 3 Free Trial items per week.[2]
    • You can’t use a fake account or multiple accounts to try to increase your chances—Shein may have your trial canceled and have you banned from participating in the future.
  2. 2
    Apply for a Free Trial on the items you want. Sign into your valid Shein account and click on “More Services” in your “Personal Center.” Go to “Other Services” and click on “Free Trial Center.” Click on the “Free Trial” button on any item you’d like to try. When the pop-up opens, pick the size you want (if applicable) and fill in your address. Then hit “Submit.”[3]
    • Once you’ve applied for an item, you can’t cancel it and apply for something else.
  3. 3
    If you were chosen to receive the item, Shein will email you. Shein will also send you a push notification through their app. The second Tuesday after applying, you can also check if your product’s status under “My Applications” shows as “Approved.” If you haven’t received your order within 30 days, contact Shein’s customer service.[4]
    • If the item you applied for was detained by customs during the shipping process, you’re responsible for paying the tariff. However, this rarely happens and the amount you pay depends on where you got the item, where it was made, and what it is made of.[5]
    • If you didn’t get selected to participate, the status of the product you selected under “My Applications” will show as “Failed.” But if you’re not selected that week, you can always apply the following week.
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    Write a review on Shein’s website about the item within 10 days of receiving it. Write a review using your Shein account for the item that was sent to you by clicking on the item under “My Applications,” scrolling to the bottom, and typing out your review. They ask for a detailed, honest review and will give you questions to answer about the texture, material, and overall product quality. They also ask that you submit a picture of the item.[6]
    • You can earn extra Shein points by meeting the 75-500 word count (+5 points), uploading 3 clear images (+10 points), and entering all the necessary sizing information (+2 points).
    • If your review is rated “High Quality” after you post it, you may be awarded an additional 100 Shein points.
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Avoiding Scams

  1. Make sure you use the official Shein website to avoid scammers. When submitting your account to one of the items you would like to try, make sure that you do so on the official Shein Google or Play Store app or on their official Free Trial page. Here are some common Shein website scams to watch out for:[8]
    • Make sure that the domain name matches Shein’s official website. The real Shein website will say in the web address. This is a scam URL example:
    • Check for a legitimate contact page with the company’s address and employee information. Most scam sites will not have one.
    • Watch for prices that are 50% lower than Shein’s on-site pricing—extreme discounts or “free” items are always suspicious.
    • Shein only uses email and in-site chat for customer service, so don’t share any personal/payment information through a phone call, text message, or WhatsApp.
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